Art Archives. Still in progress. They consist of sculpture, photography and stills from video works. I studied art at Columbia University in the 90's with Judy Pfaff and Archie Rand. It was an incredibly exciting and productive period for me and I later went on to participate in various shows at Exit Art, Humphry Gallery and Caren Golden in New York.

Soon after, I began being dissatisfied with my work. Profoundly. Had contempt for what I was making. There was a fire in my building and my studio was destroyed. Most of the works archived below were lost. I stopped making art completely. A few years ago I started again. Slowly. Inconsistently. With an unsure hand.

Above: Color Photograph. 2011.

Below:  Color Print. 35x60 inches. 1995 (Caren Golden Fine Art, NYC)

Below: Paraffin Wax. 2009

This statue -- provisionally entitled "My Fucking 30's" -- was an experiment in working with two very different materials. The initial work was made in clay. Then it was cast with a hollow Pliatex mold and a wax positive was created. The fine work was made on the wax with sculpting knives.

Above: part of a series of color photographs with telephoto lenses of airplanes in very high altitudes at dusk,right at that moment where the plane reflects sunlight. The images are not manipulated.

Above and below: Heroin. Part of a series done with macro lenses.



Random Drawings. 2012.

On the left: Charcoal, Acrylic. Using a knife.

On the right: Charcoal.


Above: random collages

Below: Torturing Wood 1 -- Two pieces of 2x4 and C-Clapms. The wood is bent open as close as possible to snapping point.


Below: Torturing Wood 2 -- Pillars of 6x6 wood and freezer. The wood is frozen and resists the ice layer that covers the freezer's walls.



Above: various from a solo show at Caren Golden. The dogs are fiberglass casts.

Below: images from a video that was part of the installation. I hooked mics and speakers to two dogs such that their smelling each other would create a feedback scream! The dogs didn't know each other. They circled each other in the white room, gauging their distance.


"Way Cool ", Exit Art. Sculpture / video installation. Body casts of hands and faces that were rigged to mannequins that were cut to poses and dressed at Century 21. The sculpture portrays two men who, accidentally, almost run into each other, finding themselves in each others' faces.  The (male) discomfort of being too close, the 'squeezing of space' sought, doesn't render well in photographs.

Below: pics from the accompanying video,

12. TwoMen Vid.jpg

above: "Bike Slice" -- bike from which all vertical components were removed.

Below: Steel Lathe and Hair. Human hair suspended between two chucks.

Below: Billion Strong. A fabricated sign. 9 feet long. Mimicking the McDonald's log.

Judy Pfaff.jpg

Above: Judy Pfaff's 'Cirque Cirque' -- I worked as an assistant on this project. One of the best summers of my life.


Below: Columbia University Art Department. Prentis Hall. Various shots.

Two wild years: 93-95. I was there constantly. My MA in philosophy - on which I worked concurrently - notwithstanding.

Prentis Various.jpg
Outlets Rubber.jpg

Above: Installed outlets with a piece of rubber stretched to its absolute max. Prentis. Columbia.


Below: Wax and fake fur. A cast of my hands with a rubber called Moulage. Prentis. Columbia.


Above and below: In/Out. Cast of my hands with latex gloves mounted into a fabricated glass box.


Below: "Yuval" + "Black Square". Oil on canvas. Encaustic and acrylic on canvas. Columbia. Prentis.

Below. Charcoal drawings. I did a lot of drawing back then. Almost none survived.

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