PhD from Columbia 1999.  My background was in analytic philosophy but in recent years I became very interested in Heidegger. My primary interest is metaphysics. I cannot commit to a full time academic job but I always seek opportunities to teach. See below my history at CUNY's Graduate Center in New York and more recently in Israel. This semester I am teaching a graduate seminar on "The Question of Being" at Bar Ilan University. Last semester, a seminar on Division II of Heidegger's Being and Time.

I plan to write a book about the biblical Book of Job, a 'metaphysical interpretation' of that great text. It's an attempt to see the text's argument as a confrontation between two competing notions of being and only superficially as dealing with 'the problem of evil'. Preliminary notes will be posted here soon. I'll use this website to simulate publishing in the intermediary stages of development.


 Dr. Yuval Adler – Academic CV


Colloquium Lecture – October 2013.

“Existence, Authenticity, Temporality – on the Organization of Being and Time”

An examination of eigentlichkeit (ownedness, authenticity) as an ontological notion and the de facto organizing principle of Heidegger’s Being and Time. This lecture is intended as an introduction for non-Heideggerians, but it also advances a non-trivial interpretation of these key notions in the text. Presented at Bar Ilan University.


Notes from the complete lecture here


Teaching Experience:


Fall 2013 –  “Heidegger on the Notion of ‘World’

A graduate level seminar taught at Bar Ilan University.

An examination Heidegger complex and multifaceted treatment of the notion of world in three texts from roughly the same period: Being and Time (1927), On the Essence of Ground (1928) and his lecture course The Fundamental Concepts of Metaphysics: World, Finitude, Solitude (1929-30).


Heidegger on ‘World’ – Course description


2007 – 2010 Mathematics Department, CUNY’s Graduate Center, New York


Reading groups that originated from an interest in Kurt Gödel’s attempt to use Husserlian phenomenology to solve foundational problems in mathematics, quickly became advanced seminars dedicated to close readings in phenomenology and in particular, Heidegger. Listed but not for credit.


2010 – “Time and Time-consciousness – in Aristotle, Saint Augustine, Kant, Husserl and Heidegger. (Spring and Fall semesters).

Aristotle – Physics book 4 + Heidegger on Aristotle.

Augustine – book 11 of the Confessions.

Kant—The Transcendental Aesthetics. + Time in the A-Deduction.

Husserl – Phenomenology of Internal Time Consciousness.

Heidegger – ‘Ecstatic’ temporality in The Basic Problems of Phenomenology.


2009 – Heidegger’s “History of the Concept of Time”

A year-long close reading of this key text from 1925 – the so called ‘penultimate draft’ of Being and Time. Special attention to Heidegger’s extensive interpretation and confrontation with Husserl’s earlier and later writings.  (Spring and Fall Semesters).


2008 – Husserl’s “Ideas I”

A year-long close reading of this seminal work from Husserl’s mature transcendental period. (Fall and Spring semesters.)


2007 – Husserl’s “The Idea of Phenomenology”

An introduction to Husserlian phenomenology using this dense short text consisting of 5 lectures Husserl gave in 1907 at the University of Göttingen.

Gödel’s interest in Husserl.

Husserl and Kant. (Fall and Spring semesters.)





2004 – 2006 Mathematics Department, CUNY’s Graduate Center, New York

Various classes and reading groups in logic, recursion theory and set theory. This started my return to philosophy after disconnecting from academia for almost five years. As in my youth, the gateway to philosophy was mathematics.


2000 – 2002 – Lee Strasberg Theater Institute, New York

Two years acting (part time) with Irma Sandrey (click that link!) and Robert Castle.  I am not an actor, but for me this was a way to better understand the actor’s process. It also helped me become a screenwriter. In fact, this was my film school.


1993-1999 – Columbia University, Philosophy Department – New York


MA + PhD  in Philosophy

A dissertation about indexicality as a metaphysical phenomenon, viewing it not just as the behavior of certain types of linguistic expressions, but as the real underlying structure of such diverse phenomena as perceptual experience and the practical act of measurement. I both elaborated on, and critically examined, aspects Kripke’s and Kaplan’s treatment of the issue and found some support for my views in the later work of Wittgenstein.


PhD Dissertation – Identity and Exception


Teaching experience. I taught three years at Columbia as a graduate student.

One year of ‘Logic’, and two years of the core Columbia College ‘great books’ class “Contemporary Civilization’

 Link to Syllabus here.


1993-1995 – Columbia University, Art Department –New York


Sculpture, Photography and Installation with Judy Pfaff and Archie Rand as part of the Visual Art Department. Studio at Prentis Hall. Glorious days...!



1990-1993 – Tel Aviv, University


B.A. In Mathematics and Physics from Tel Aviv University as part of Yehuda Elkana’s Interdisciplinary Program. That program enabled me to do independent advanced studies in relativity physics, and mathematical logic. I also started studying philosophy (mainly analytic).

Teaching experience:  Calculus instructor in the mathematics department.


Prof. Yehuda Elkana, at the time head of the Interdisciplinary Program at Tel Aviv University, arranged for me to take classes at Bezalel Academy of Art in Jerusalem once a week despite my being a Tel Aviv student. This paved the way for me being able to pursue both tracks later in New York. I will always be grateful.